Apr 17

Thought I’d try something new….this is one of my favourite songs, brings back alot of memories…xx

Oct 14

….Me, trying something a little Old Skool!!….

Feb 14

Me singing Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’…x

Sep 29


Written, animated and narrated by MEEEEEEEEE!
in my bestest Mary Poppins voice.

this is what i submitted for my final major project on foundation.
i would really like to continue writing this story. i should really, and tidy up the animation a bit, now i know a bit more about it…i learned flash as i was going along really. hardblinkingwork that.

Sep 28

I can’t stop listening to this at the moment, great beat and I love his flow!

Sep 22

Take a look at Beth Dittos new range at Evans, I LOVE those floral leggings!! →

Sep 22

THE most beautiful song Ive heard in a while, could listen to it 1000 times in a row and still love it xx

Sep 14

The NEW Beth Ditto A/W range launches this friday at Evans xx →

Sep 13

For any parents living in or visiting the North Somerset area / WSM, check out this site!! Weston-Super-Mum!!.....Info, events, advice, pics etc......xx →

Sep 13

Me singing ‘Make you feel my love’ by Adele xx